Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Crying like a man by Tom Hiddleston

What I’m most excited for fans to see is the Sam Winchester that they love. The Sam Winchester that will do anything for his brother, and will do anything to do the right thing. Jared Padalecki - Zap2it Interview [X] (via jaredgrrl)


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Anonymous said: How many books must a man buy a girl before they may date and live happily ever after?


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Monday, July 21, 2014

To those who don’t understand the difference between DC and Marvel,










The original Les Miserables manuscript arrives in Melbourne.

uh, i know this is not our regularly scheduled witty and self-deprecating text post but…maybe you might like this too? i’m so amazed by the work and thought and soul that went into it…[ok, i’ll admit it. sometimes really old books make me cry??]



Captain America, drawn in PS.


Captain America, drawn in PS.


Thor getting tired of Tony being a sleep-deprived grump around the tower because he can’t figure out the problem with his new suit so he hacks the security to get in to Tony’s lab and then reprograms the suit and adds in a few upgrades because this is kindergarten level stuff to him.

Thor taking groups of inner city kids camping and teaching them hunting and survival skills and Bucky and Steve hear about it and volunteer to help out and forming their own band of Avenger scouts and Steve teaches global citizenship and Bucky teaches marksmanship and Sam sets up a zipline and Nat “wanders” by one of their meetings in a tower conference room and wants to help out and she wants marksmanship but that’s Bucky so she starts teaching the kids surveillance techniques and how to form rotating observation squads and to get their badge they have to track her from one end of the island to the other. So then Clint starts teaching them how to avoid surveillance and mastering disguises and parkour and for their badge test he makes them break into Pepper’s office without being seen. Pepper starts requiring that all badge tests must be run by her first before being deployed on the children. 

Thor travelling to drought stricken regions and conjuring rain storms. And then he works with Pepper to get weather manipulation hardware deployed to areas that have long-term weather problems.

Thor bringing children’s toys from Asgard and leaving them on Jane’s bed when they’ve gotten in a fight about something and he needs to apologize. 

Thor loving apple pie, and not understanding why that makes Steve so happy.

Thor going hunting on Asgard to bring a bilgesnipe to Tony’s 4th of July BBQ. Natasha, Bucky and Steve eat it without complaining. Hawkeye picks at it skeptically. Sam covers it with Tabasco and gets it down. Bruce is a vegetarian.

Thor volunteering at a suicide prevention hotline and telling everyone he calls how much he loves them and how proud he is of them for making it so far and that they are fighting valiantly and he would be proud to go into battle with any of them.

Thor breaking his ‘no interfering with the development of technology’ rule all the time, because he can’t help it. When he sees a report on babies dying of diseases that he knows can be cured, he goes back to Asgard and brings back some of the healers and takes them to the hospital and says, “HEAL THEM.” 

Thor going to the playground and pushing the kids higher on the swings and faster on the merry-go-rounds, but not too high or too fast because the first time the kids all staggered off the merry-go-round and puked and their parents got mad at him.

Thor and Steve always complaining about how hard it is to find shirts that fit but every time they go shopping and ask for a larger size, the clerks always insist they don’t have anything larger.

Thor having a hug for everyone who meets him.

Thor getting hooked on Kurosawa and Hitchcock movies and always complaining when other people insist on turning on subtitles when he’s watching ‘foreign’ films because he forgets not everyone understands every language.

Thor always getting roped into moving the furniture in the tower for movie nights or when Clint or Steve bring home a stray person who needs somewhere to crash for a few nights. 

Thor getting massively hooked on social games so he hacks into the other avengers’ Facebook accounts and has them join and send him stuff. And then Natasha realizes he’s doing it and it turns into a competition between the two of them, and then all of them want in on it. The game they compete on changes regularly, but it’s a bloodsport. Flappy Bird caused $835,000 in damages to the tower when everyone was playing. Clint was the main cause of the damage.

Thor not helping Jane with her research because he knows she wants to find out the answers herself, but sitting up late at night with Bruce over beers brainstorming possible cures.